Why Choose Nutrificient Life

Finding the right balance of daily diet, activity & healthy weight is as easy as scrolling down, picking out the services that matches your goals, and getting your positive energy balance or health outcomes

Help with weight loss or weight gain

Diet plan customised to each individual along with 1:1 educational session with an expert strategy.

Healthy eating and daily diet overview

Lack of awareness could lead to ill health. This service includes two face to face educational sessions tailored especially for you.

Nutrition for different sports & weight balance

Whether you are a gym goer or an athlete, each one of us is performance driven. This service is specially designed to suit your needs.

Holistic approach to individual fitness

Two individual sessions with food plan to reach optimum health considering emotional, physical and social factors.

Improving lifestyle health conditions

Educational sessions regarding health condition with a nutrition plan. Phone/emails follow up.

Early years nutrition and child behaviour

Let's discuss fussy eaters, eating behaviour and healthy eating at an early age
Healthy eating
  • Ways To Improve Your Health
    Ways To Improve Your Health

    I will guide you through the effective ways for a healthy life. Identifying the real pathway is important to gain real achievement!

  • Create Your Own Healthy Life
    Create Your Own Healthy Life

    Take charge of your own health and see the changes in no time. Feel it! Work it! Call it 😊

  • Healthy and Delicious Recipes
    Healthy and Delicious Recipes

    Make your food with full of nutrition and tasty. Try my recipes and follow me for many more!

  • Know more about BMI (Body Mass Index)
    Know more about BMI

    BMI is one way of measuring whether you are a health weight for your height. Worries about your BMI? Contact me to discuss more

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